Department store may have just leaked PlayStation 5 pricing

We know about everything there is to know about the PlayStation 5. The only information still MIA is the precise release date and the price. One of those things may have been revealed overnight. Someone posted images of internal store screens showing pricing for the standard and digital versions of the PS5.
Thanks to a leak from a retail outlet in Spain, we may now know what it will cost for the privilege of owning a PlayStation 5 on day one. Images surfaced on Twitter and Imgur last night that appear to show inventory screens for El Corte Inglés, one of Spain’s largest retailers.

The pictures show two entries for the PS5, one at €499.90 ($594) and the other at €399.90 ($475). These are likely the standard and digital-only versions, respectively. These prices roughly correlate with another leak from French retailer Carrefour spotted by PhonAndroid last week. Screenshots of the store’s PS5 product page showed the digital edition for €399 and the standard at €499.

The price tag for the standard also jives with analysts’ predictions of a $600 MSPR. However, take these leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism. These may be placeholders, and even if they aren’t, Microsoft’s recent reveal of pricing that is $100 lower for either version has already triggered rumors that its rival is making adjustments.

Since Sony has not yet revealed its hand, it may decide to drop the asking points a bit to get closer to what Microsoft has offered. Even a $50 reduction would put Sony in a much more competitive position for early sales. Whatever the case may be, we won’t have to wait long for confirmation.

On Sunday, Sony announced that it would be holding a “PlayStation 5 Showcase” on Wednesday, September 16. The 40-minute presentation will feature more launch game reveals as well as titles coming in 2021. More importantly, Sony is very likely to finally let us in on the release date and the MSRP for the PlayStation 5.